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Similar Waki High Electric Potential Therapy Machine for Chronic Diseases

The machine changes the original current and outputs high potential, negative potential and intermediate frequency potential to form different electric fields around the human body in insulation state to prevent and treat diseases and build up body.
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Product Name: High Electric Potential Therapy Machine Model Number: MLC4 Certificate: CE Function: Treat chronic diseases like pain, insomnia, constipation and headache Technology: Build electric fields to act on all body system Application: Full body Power Supply: 100-240V 50/60Hz AC Adaptor Warranty: One year

Relation between Natural Electric Field and Human Health:

As we know, the Earth is a star with negative electric charges, and there is a positively charged atmospheric ionized layer about 100KM above the Earth. Between the ground and the atmospheric ionized layer, a constant electric field, namely natural electric field, is formed. The natural electric field produces good physiological stimuli for humans and various organisms on Earth, so the amount of electricity carried by the human body can affect human health and lifetime.
Healthy people have 80% negative electric charges and 20% positive electric charges. For the resting living cells, the potential inside the cell is always negative-and the potential outside the cell is always positive+. The resting potential of human cells is about -90mv. The human body is a natural bio-battery consisting of about 6 trillions of such charged cells. In case that our bio-electricity is unbalanced, we need external electricity to strengthen human bio-electricity and restore the body's cell potential to normal. It is the High Electric Potential Therapy Machine which has taken full advantage of bio-electricity principle in the field of physical therapy.

Product Overview:

By means of rectification, filtration and boosting, the Electric Potential Therapy Machine changes original alternating current and outputs high potential, negative potential and intermediate frequency potential to respectively form high-voltage alternating electric field, negative high-voltage electrostatic field and AC high-voltage intermediate frequency electric field around the human body in insulation state for the purposes of preventing and treating diseases and body health care.

As we all know, it is high current but not high voltage which could make damage to human body, and the degree of influence made by current on human body mainly depends on current value and current maintaining time. The safe current value for human body is 10mA and our High Electric Potential Therapy Machine sets the current at 1mA, so our machine is very safe to use despite high voltage. People only feel his fingers become slightly numb when 0.6mA to 1.5mA current flows through his body. 

Bone and joint pain, rheumatism, chronic constipation, diabetes, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, insomnia, headache, neurasthenia, asthma, tinnitus, dizziness, body slimming, skin beauty, etc. 

Suitable for people who want to live healthy:
►Whole family who want to live healthy and better, and stay away from diseases.
►Students who need to have high concentration in study and reduce fatigue.
►Elderly who want to live longer and active life, and stay away from diseases.
►People who stay in city, full of air pollution, lacking fresh air, and stressful work.
►People who work in air-conditioned office, lacking fresh air and movement.
►People who is lack of time to exercise regularly and routinely.
►People who seldom go to mountain area.


Users who are using the following medical products can not use the High Electric Potential Therapy Machine simultaneously.
►Implantable electronic equipment like pacemaker.
►Life-support equipment like artificial heart-lung machine.
►Portable ECG measuring equipment.

The following people shall firstly get permission from doctors before using the High Electric Potential Therapy Machine:
►Patients with acute diseases.
►Patients with infectious diseases.

►Patients with heart diseases.
Patients with malignant tumors.
Patients with high fever. 
►Pregnant women.
►Patients undergoing treatment or people in unusual body condition.
►People with implanted metal can't use this machine. 

►Stop using the machine when any life-threatening diseases act up.


In the following situations, please use the High Electric Potential Therapy Machine after human body returns to normal:

►After excessive drinking

►After strenuous exercise

►Abnormal heartbeat

►Difficult breathing

Working Principles:

►High Potential: ±5000V/7000V/9000V; 50Hz.

Negative potential (-5000/7000/9000V) and positive potential (+5000/7000/9000V) alternately act on human body and form the high-voltage alternating electric field around the body. In this electric field, all parts of the body slightly vibrate 50 times every second, so that the imbalance of human organs and tissues is fully adjusted, cells are effectively activated, blood PH is regulated, the internal environment of the body is stabilized and the self-healing capacity of the body is strengthened.

High potential therapy for 30 minutes has the same results as full body massage for 2 hours. In 1928, Toshiyuki Hara, the Japanese MD, developed the AC high-voltage electric field therapy machine based on USA physicist Benjamin Frankline's theories. 

Benefits of High Potential Therapy:

1) Promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and accelerate the discharge of toxic substances to improve chronic constipation.

2) Facilitate metabolism and enhance immunity.

3) Invigorate hypothalamus and adjust endocrine disturbance.

4) Regulate vascular tone to effectively dilate capillaries and arterial vessels and reduce blood flow resistance, thereby lowering blood pressure.
5) Improve blood circulation, purify blood, reduce blood viscosity and blood fat, and accelerate blood sugar decomposition.

►Negative Potential: -5000V/6000V/7000V; 50Hz.

Through rectification for the original alternating current, positive potential is removed but negative potential (-5000/6000/7000V) is kept to form the negative high-voltage electrostatic field around human body. In this electric field, electrostatic induction and polarization produce in the body to change the original distribution state of charges. Due to the change of charges, the biological functions and the pathological state of tissues and organs are also changed, and then the regulating functions, adaptive functions, nutritional functions, immunological functions and metabolic functions of the body are strengthened. 

Negative potential therapy for 30 minutes has the same results as relaxing in forest for 2 hours. In 1936, Takata, the Japanese professor from Waseda University, developed the negative high-voltage electrostatic therapy machine.

Benefits of Negative Potential Therapy:

1) The output negative ions can neutralize and excrete acid substances from human body to diminish inflammation, relieve pain and quicken wound healing.

2) Adjust autonomic nerve disorder and excite parasympathetic nerves so as to relieve insomnia, headache, neurasthenia, asthma, tinnitus and dizziness.

3) Increase calcium ions and sodium ions in blood to keep alkalescence and then reduce the cholesterol deposited on vascular wall, finally preventing arteriosclerosis, stroke, heart diseases and vascular diseases.
4) Enhance cell activity to reduce liver burden.

5) Release electrons and reduce free radicals to slow down human aging. 

►Intermediate Frequency Potential:±2800V; 80KHz.

The intermediate frequency potential with high vibration frequency (80KHz/Second) acts on human body and then spreads to the surrounding through fluctuation to form the stable AC high-voltage intermediate frequency electric field. In this field, all body cells will be stimulated 80000 times every second by positive ions and negative ions to enhance cells vitality, strengthen cellular functions and improve immunity. 

Intermediate frequency potential therapy for 30 minutes has the same results as doing aerobic exercise outdoor for 3 hours. In 1972, Itou Kenji, the Japanese MD, used the intermediate frequency potential with 72Hkz for body health care according to the  theories of Netherlands physicist Huygens.

Benefits of Intermediate Frequency Potential Therapy:

1) Burn fat, quicken fat decomposition and slim body.
2) Make skin bright and elastic.

3) Produce thermal effect in human body (body temperature increases 1-2℃), promote blood circulation and improve micro-circulation.

4) Eliminate fatigue, weakness and other sub-health problems.

►Partial Pen


The partial pen shall be used together with high potential for human body. When the pen touches skin, the high-voltage micro-current outputs immediately. The stimulation of the micro-current can reduce the excitability of local nerves and then eliminate such symptoms as numbness, swelling and pain. Besides, the pen can be used as needle to stimulate acupuncture points and dredge meridians.

Product Specifications:
Input AC220V/50Hz Intermediate Frequency Potential Voltage ±2800Vp-p
Power 25VA Intermediate Frequency Potential Frequency 80HKz (±10%)
Current 1mA Default
Treatment Time
30 Minutes
High Potential
±5000/7000/9000V (±10%) Product Size (CM) 30*24.5*21
High Potential Frequency 50Hz (±2%) Color Box Size (CM) 41*35*28
Negative Potential Voltage -5000/6000/7000V

Product N.W./G.W.

Negative Potential Frequency 50Hz (±2%) QTY/Carton 2PCS

Package Includes
High Electric Potential Therapy Machine*1
Partial Pen*1
Single-pass Cushion*1 (Standard) 
Cushion in Series (Optional, Extra Charge)
Mattress (Optional, Extra Charge)
Remote Controller/Detector*1
Power Cord*1 (USA/EU Plug)
English Manual*1
Package Box*1 

Product Features:

1) Large colored LCD and friendly operation panel. 
2) Firm engineering plastic shell and compact internal structure.
3) With b
uilt-in voltage stabilizer and overheat protection device to ensure safe use.
4) Four therapy methods available for different demands: ①high potential, ②negative potential, ③intermediate frequency potential and ④partial pen.
5) 10 millions/cm² negative ions can be output solely or together with the above four therapy methods to compensate the anion deficiency in the natural environment.
Intelligent mode: high potential 5000/7000/9000V circulates every 5 minutes.

7) The controller is not only used to remotely control the High Electric Potential Therapy Machine, but also used to detect if the machine is outputting potential and if the body is in the electric field. 

8) 3 pads for choice: single-pass cushion, cushion in series and mattress connecting to the High Electric Potential Therapy Machine for potential output.
9) For multi-people use at the same time. You could choose one single-pass cushion and four cushions in series for 5 people to use at the same time.

Usage Instructions:

►Operating Instructions

1) Place the host on insulating objects like dry plastic or wooden table or chair. The host shall keep at least 20cm away from ground and wall. The host and cushion or mattress shall keep at least 1m away from appliances like computer. 
2) Place the cushion or mattress on dry plastic or wooden chair or bed. The cushion or mattress and cord shall keep at least 20cm away from the ground. 
Place an insulating pad on the ground for feet when people is seated for use.
Place an insulating cloth on bed or sofa with metal spring.

►Treatment Instructions
Functions 1-10
11-20 Days  21-30 Days After 30 Days
High Potential 30Mins
Use intelligent mode, or alternately use 5000V, 7000V and 9000V every other 2-3 days.
Negative Potential 30Mins
Alternately use 5000V, 7000V and 9000V every other 2-3 days.
Intermediate Frequency Potential 30Mins 30Mins 30Mins No more than 40Mins/Time

1)The treatment time is adjustable from 10 minutes to 90 minutes, and the default time is 30 minutes. It is recommended to use the High Electric Potential Therapy Machine twice a day. One time in the day and another time at night. 

2) For the people who use the High Electric Potential Therapy Machine for the first time, please select the lowest voltage and shorten the treatment time, and then choose the suitable treatment time and voltage according to the actual situation.

3)For the people in poor health, please choose the lowest voltage, shorten treatment time and reduce treatment frequency (like 10 minutes each day). One month later, the voltage, time and frequency can be increased according to the actual situation.

4) For the people suffering from heart diseases, high blood pressure or diabetes, please use the High Electric Potential Therapy Machine once a day, start from 30 minutes and increase to 40 minutes one month later. Please stop using the machine for several days if feeling uncomfortable during treatment. 

5) No more than 40 minutes each time for intermediate frequency potential, and no more than 
60 minutes each time for the voltage higher than 7000V. It is not suggested for the old and the weak to use the intermediate frequency potential to avoid body energy consumption caused by the high vibration frequency. 

6) For the partial pen, the recommended voltage is 5000V. 1-2 times each day and 10 minutes each time. Hold the pen to touch, press, slide on or draw circles on the diseased sites 0.5 seconds as an interval. 

►Matters Needing Attention:

1) Users shall drink 250-500ml lukewarm water before and after treatment to enhance body metabolism and discharge body wastes. 

2) During initial use, users may have such normal metabolic promotion responds as ache, dizziness, vertigo and dryness in mouth. In such case, please wash face with water or supplement vitamin (eat fruit and vegetables, or orally take vitamin C).  The symptoms will disappear several days later. 

3) When using the High Electric Potential Therapy Machine, users shall not reduce the dosage of medicines or stop taking medicines without permission from doctors. Please stop using the machine when feeling uncomfortable. 

4) For some sensitive people who have tingly sensation when using the partial pen on skin, please dip the pen in water to eliminate this sensation. Don't apply the pen to wounds, ulcers and bleeding parts. 

Warm Tips:

To avoid damage to the High Electric Potential Therapy Machine and electric shock accidents, please note:
►Place the machine beyond the reach of children.
►Don't use the
machine for other purposes except body health care.
►Don't use the
machine in the moist, polluted or vibrational environment.
►Don't use the
machine with electrical blanket together on bed. 
►Don't splash any liquid into the host or on cushion or mattress to avoid electrical leakage and damaging the
►When using the
machine, please don't touch other people or other surrounding conductors, don't touch the shell of host, and don't pass on things mutually. 
►Immediately shut down the
machine and pull the plug to stop using in case of thunder, earthquake, fire, flood or power failure.
►When the
machine is working, please don't insert your fingers, metal objects or conductors into potential output jacks.

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