4 in 1 Wearable Degenerative Joint Diseases Physiotherapy Device
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4 in 1 Wearable Degenerative Joint Diseases Physiotherapy Device

The device offers 45-65℃ heat therapy, 700-50000nm infrared light therapy, 8000RPM vibration massage and 2000Gs magnetic therapy for joints to activate blood circulation, diminish inflammation, relieve pain and improve numbness, stiffness and edema.
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Product Name: Degenerative Joint Diseases Physiotherapy Device Model Number: MLC11 Certificate: FC, CE, RoHS, UL & ETL Function: Relieve pain, inflammation, stiffness, numbness and edema Technology: Heat therapy+infrared light therapy+vibration massage+magnetic therapy Application: Knee, elbow and shoulder Power Supply: 100-240V 50/60Hz AC adaptor Warranty: One Year

Product Overview:
As we all know, the joints of human body are the pivots of life. To solve some common joint problems, the Four in One Wearable Degenerative Joint Diseases Physiotherapy Device is invented. The device offers four physical therapy methods including 45-65℃ heat therapy, 700nm-50000nm infrared light therapy, 8000RPM high-frequency vibration massage and 2000Gs magnetic therapy to act on joints like knees, elbows and shoulders, and then activate blood circulation, remove blood stasis, diminish inflammation, relieve pain, eliminate strain, and improve numbness, stiffness and edema. 

Product Features:

The surface of heat conductors uses aluminium alloy with high heat conductivity to rapidly transfer heat to the inside of joints to expand capillaries and improve local blood and lymph circulation, eventually relieving joint pain and inflammation, and relaxing tense, stiff or even spasmodic joint muscles. 

The irradiation of infrared light raises the temperature of skin and subcutaneous tissues, and quickens blood circulation and metabolism to promote the exchange of oxygen and nutrients of capillary network, discharge the accumulated harmful substances like lactic acid, and improve the vitality and regeneration capacity of histocytes, finally relieving joint pain, edema, inflammation and fatigue. The infrared light also can reduce the excitability of nerve system to ease pain, eliminate the spasm of striated muscles and smooth muscles, and facilitate neurological function recovery.

The magnetic field can affect the distribution of electric current of human body, the movement of charged particles, the permeability of membrane system and the magnetic moment orientation of biomacromolecules to change the physiological process and biochemical process of histocytes, thereby activating blood circulation, removing blood stasis, diminishing inflammation and edema, and relieving pain.

The soft and efficient vibration massage can quickly improve local blood circulation, immediately relax stiff joint muscles and relieve pain. The high-frequency low-intensity vibration can achieve the massage results much greater than general massage while protecting joints from being damaged.

Product Details:

Usage Instructions:

>Operating Steps:

To precisely control heating temperature, 5℃ is set as an interval from 45℃ to 55℃ and 1℃ is set as an interval from 56℃ to 65℃, so there are 13 temperature levels.

The built-in temperature memory device can memorize the latest temperature set before power off, so users don't need to set temperature again after restarting.

The built-in autotimer begins timing since from the latest temperature adjustment, and then the Degenerative Joint Diseases Physiotherapy Device will stop working automatically 30 minutes later. For longer using time, please press the "Start/Stop" button again.

>Suggestions for Use:

Please put the Degenerative Joint Diseases Physiotherapy Device tightly on joints for the best results and keep control panel up.

Please wear thin trousers or use the provided pad to avoid scalding or allergy. Direct
contact with skin is strictly prohibited. 

Don't wear the Degenerative Joint Diseases Physiotherapy Device while sleeping, as our sensing capability in sleepy state become weakened and then scalding may be caused.

Wear the Degenerative Joint Diseases Physiotherapy Device 2 times each day, once in the morning and once in the evening, 30 minutes each time. Or wear before doing sports or going outside.

Please choose the heating temperature that makes you feel warm. Don't set too high temperature. For the first time, the temperature shall be less than 55℃.
►Please adjust the temperature gradually, because sharp temperature decrease or increase will reduce
therapy effects.
>Applicable Parts:

>Applicable Cases:

►Knee joint pain when going up and down stairs.
►Knee elbow shoulder pain in cold, cloudy or raining day.

►Rheumatoid arthritis: stiff and fatigued joints, and difficult walk.

Hyperosteogeny: knee joint pain even when walking on level road or keeping still.

►Joint ache caused by sport injuries like sprain and strain.

Knee joint discomforts of young sedentary office workers due to poor blood flow.

Product Specifications:

Material PU+EVA+Jersey Vibration Massage 8000RPM
Output Voltage 12V Product Size 28*22*12CM
Input Voltage 100-240V Product N.W/G.W 0.85/1.2KG
Rated Current 2A Package Box Size  26*19*11CM
Infrared Light 4PCS
Heat Conductor 6PCS
Magnet 2PCS
CTN Size (CM) 59.5*27.3*45.5

Package Includes

Degenerative Joint Diseases Physiotherapy Device*1
Adaptor*1+Power Cord*1+Pad*1
English Manual*1
Package Box*1

Warm Tips: 

►Please remove power cord from electrical outlet when the Degenerative Joint Diseases Physiotherapy Device is not in use.
►Please don't touch the plug of power cord with wet hand.
►Please don't use the
Degenerative Joint Diseases Physiotherapy Device in sauna or bathroom.
►Please don't wash the Degenerative Joint Diseases Physiotherapy Device with water. If necessary, use dry cloth to clean gently. 
►Please note the risk of scalding exists when the illuminating parts touch combustible materials like power cords, cotton fabrics and plastics.
►Please immediately stop using the
Degenerative Joint Diseases Physiotherapy Device if the pain is aggravated after use.
►Please consult your doctor firstly before use in the following cases:
edema, bacterial infection or special inflammation caused by acute injuries;
2) acute edema or bleeding;
3) rheumatoid arthritis.

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Please click the following links to watch the product videos uploaded to Youtube:

Link 1: https://youtu.be/_ZQXvEt_BkY
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