Clinic Use Sprained Knee Polyarthritis LLLT Laser Therapy Machine
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Clinic Use Sprained Knee Polyarthritis LLLT Laser Therapy Machine

The Machine outputs 808nm and 650nm LLLT laser with 1000mW from two probes to produce various chemical substances in cells and cause lots of physiological and biochemical changes like anti-inflammation, pain relief, tissue repair and wound healing.
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Product Name: Sprained Knee Polyarthritis LLLT Laser Therapy Machine Model Number: MLC10 Certificate: CE Function: Relieve pain, diminish inflammation and heal wound Technology: 808nm & 650nm LLLT laser therapy Application: Back, waist, neck, shoulder, knee, arm, etc. Power Supply: 110V/240V 50/60Hz AC adaptor Warranty: One year

Product Overview:

The Sprained Knee Polyarthritis LLLT Laser Therapy Machine has two probes: Probe A looks like a pen and Probe B looks like a shower. Probe A has one 808nm laser diode with maximum power 180mW; Probe B consists of four 808nm laser diodes and eleven 650nm laser diodes with total maximum power 775mW. When the two probes irradiate any parts of human bodies and animals, the laser light can be absorbed by living tissues and then produce a variety of chemical substances in cells. These chemical substances cause a series of physiological and biochemical changes but without irreversible damages, such as anti-inflammation, pain relief, tissue repair, wound healing and body function recovery. 

Some acupuncture practitioners have suggested that low level laser therapy/cold laser therapy could be used much like acupuncture and acupressure, with the laser beams targeting specific points on the body, since the stimulation of pressure points can be used to treat a number of conditions treatable with acupuncture.


►Relieve Pain: neck pain, upper/lower back pain and sciatica                                     
►Diminish Inflammation

►Heal Wound & Bone Fracture  
►Soft Tissue Injuries
►Sprain & Strain
►Skin & Mucosal Ulcers
►Arthritis & Osteoarthritis & Rheumatoid Arthritis  
►Acute/Chronic Injuries to Athletic System: tennis/golfer elbow and achilles tendonitis
►Joint Stiffness/Numbness/Edema: frozen shoulder
►Acupuncture Rehabilitation & Treatment               


►Hemorrhagic Diseases


Working Principles:

Improve Blood Circulation    

When laser irradiates the diseased region where blood flow is decreased or irradiates the sympathetic ganglion dominating this region, thermal effect produces to promote blood circulation. And then sufficient blood and nutrition are supplied to the diseased region to improve the metabolism of algogenic substances and relieve symptoms.

Diminish Inflammation    

After sufficient blood and nutrition are supplied to the diseased region, the activity of phagocytes and the immunity of the body are enhanced. And also the absorption and elimination of inflammatory exudate are accelerated to diminish inflammation.

►Relieve Pain
Laser irradiation can strengthen the metabolism of brain peptides and quicken the release of morphine-like substance in brain to relieve pain. Moreover, laser can also inhibit the conduction velocity and impulse frequency of peripheral nerve to reduce the stimulation caused by pain. 

Accelerate Tissue Repair
Laser irradiation can promote the growth of new blood vessels and granulation tissues, and also can stimulate protein synthesis. Blood capillary is not only one of the basic components of granulation tissues, but also is the precondition of wound healing. Rich blood capillaries of granulation tissues and full oxygen supply to the tissues help to repair the damaged cells and accelerate the production, deposition and cross-linking of collagen fibers.


Product Features:

►Painless, non-invasive, green and safe.

Portable with handle and easy to move.

Beautifully streamlined appearance and durable metallic probes.

Double-sided colored LCD screen for real-time display and easy operation.

Perfect combination of 808nm laser and 650nm laser.

2 probes integrated into one machine for systemic treatment.

5 levels of laser output power available from 51mW to 775mw.

Adjustable treatment time from 10 to 60 minutes.

Specially added laser stabilizer to ensure stable operation.

Equipped with power switch and emergency switch for safe use.

Product Specifications:
Laser Medium GaAIAS
Laser Type Class 3B
Laser Penetration 3-5cm Laser Wavelength 808nm±20nm
Number of Laser Diodes Probe A 1*808nm
Probe B 4*808nm+11*650nm
Max. Output Power
Per 808nm Laser Diode
180mW±20% Max. Output Power
Per 808nm Laser Diode
Max. Total Output
Laser Power
Probe A 180mW=180mW*1
Probe B 775mW=180mW*4+5mW*11
Laser Power Level 5 Levels Working Time 10-60 Minutes
Working Mode Continuation Input 100-240V
Display Colored LCD Material ABS+Metal
Product Size 34*24*16cm Product G.W 4.5KG
Color Box Size 36*25*30cm Quantity/CTN 4PCS
CTN Size 63*39*53cm G.W/CTN 20KG
Package Includes Sprained Knee Polyarthritis LLLT Laser Therapy Machine*1
Probe A*1 and Probe B*1
Protective Spectacles*1
Power Switch Key*2
English Manual*1
Color Box*1
EU or USA Power Cord*1

Operation Instructions:
Preparation before Operation:
1) Plug one end of the power cord into the power output jack on the back of the host, and plug another end into electrical outlet. 
2) Plug the end of the line of Probe A and that of Probe B into the corresponding jacks on the back of the host.

1) Turn On
Turn the power switch key clockwise and then rotate the emergency key clockwise to start the Sprained Knee Polyarthritis LLLT Laser Therapy Machine.

2) Set Treatment Time
Short press "Time" to adjust treatment time from 10 to 60 minutes. 10 minutes as an interval. 

3) Set Laser Power
Press "Power”to increase or decrease the laser power intensity.
►5 Levels of each 650nm Laser: 1mW/2mW/3mW/4mW/5mW

►5 Levels of each 808nm Laser: 10mW/20mW/80mW/120mW/180mW
►5 Levels of Total power of Probe A: 
►5 Levels of Total power of Probe B:
• 1st Level: 1mW*11PCS+10mW*4PCS=51mW
• 2nd Level: 2mW*11PCS+20mW*4PCS=102mW

• 3rd Level: 3mW*11PCS+80mW*4PCS=353mW
• 4th Level: 4mW*11PCS+120mW*4PCS=524mW
• 5th Level: 5mW*11PCS+180mW*4PCS=775mW

4) Hold Probe A or B by Hand to Irradiate
Probe A is applicable to the intracavity of ear and mouth, acupuncture points and small areas; Probe B is applicable to large areas like waist, back and neck and joints.

5) Start and Pause
►Short press "On/Off" to start the Sprained Knee Polyarthritis LLLT Laser Therapy Machine to output laser, and then the laser will stop outputting when the treatment time is up.
press "On/Off" to pause the Sprained Knee Polyarthritis LLLT Laser Therapy Machine if necessary in the process of treatment, and short press 
"On/Off" again to restart the machine to output laser.

6) Turn Off
When the treatment time is up and the laser stops outputting, please t
urn the power switch key anti-clockwise, put the probes back in place and unplug the power cord.

Treatment Instructions:

►Use the Sprained Knee Polyarthritis LLLT Laser Therapy Machine once or twice a day but no more than 30 minutes each time for each body part. 
►Keep the distance of 1-2cm between the probes and the body parts to be treated. 
have the parts to be treated to avoid being burned when using the Sprained Knee Polyarthritis LLLT Laser Therapy Machine for animals.
►For the old or the weak, please start treatment from low power and short time, and then gradually increase power and time when their bodies adaptable to laser. The power and time can be adjusted according to the actual situation.
►The Sprained Knee Polyarthritis LLLT Laser Therapy Machine
can also be used for acupuncture treatment, so three human wall charts and one explanatory book can be offered to you if you know about acupoints and meridians from TCM.

Warm Tips:

►Don't look straight at the laser beams or observe via any optical instruments.
►Keep out of reach of children to prevent injuries to their eyes.
►People fitted with pacemaker are forbidden to use the
Sprained Knee Polyarthritis LLLT Laser Therapy Machine, because the operation of pacemaker may be interfered. 
Children shall use the Sprained Knee Polyarthritis LLLT Laser Therapy Machine under the guidance of adults and the people allergic to laser shall not the machine.
►Stop using the machine and turn it off immediately when something abnormal happens in the process of treatment. Please use the emergency switch to shut down in emergency to ensure human safety. 

►Please wait for 2-3 minutes at least and then restart the machine after shut down.
►If long-time nonuse, please 
connect the Sprained Knee Polyarthritis LLLT Laser Therapy Machine to power source for 4 hours and then store it in the  package box. 
►Probes shall be protected from water, dust and falling.

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