Improvement Reactions after High Electric Potential Therapy
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Improvement Reactions after High Electric Potential Therapy

During the period of high electric potential therapy, with the improvement of physical condition, the enhancement of metabolic function and the excretion of more toxins, the symptoms listed as below may appear. These symptoms indicate that the body has the capacity of self-healing, and the physical condition or functions of human body are being improved, so they are improvement reactions but not side effects. The reactions usually last for 4-7 days and one month at most. And not everyone has the improvement reactions.
Cell potential increases and returns to normal after charging.
As the physical conditions of human body, the duration of illness and the severity of illness vary among patients, so the symptoms, severity and duration of improvement reactions may be different. Therefore, the listed symptoms are just for reference. For the mild and short-term body dysfunctions, the improvement reactions usually last for 2-5 days; for the severe and long-term body dysfunctions, the improvement reactions may last for 7-30 days.
When the improvement reactions appear, patients should decrease voltage and therapy time, and then insist on treatment. After the symptoms are relieved, the voltage and therapy time can be increased, while the treatment shall be paused if the symptoms become more and more severe. And in order to reduce the discomforts caused by the improvement reactions and shorten the duration time, patients should have more rest, drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables, and do more outdoor sports.
Shoulder/Waist/Joint Aching Pain/Headache
Two polarized reactions: 1) Pain goes away gradually; 2) More painful.

Cannot fall asleep or more excited.

Have bloody stool.

Low Blood Pressure
Unstable blood pressure, and feel dizzy and have the sensation of heavy head.

High Blood Pressure
Sometimes blood pressure increases suddenly, and feel dizzy and have the sensation of heavy head.

Heart Disease
Chest tightness and heart throb.

Sometimes blood sugar increases suddenly. Hands and feet become edematous.

Feel painful and numb after regaining consciousness.

Acidic Body
Sleepy in the day, thirsty, frequent micturition and lots of fart.

Defecation become more difficult.

Tinnitus is more serious than before.

Feel itchy or feel like ant biting.

Skin Allergy
Feel more itchy.

Rheumatic Pain
Feel a little more painful.

Feel weak and painful.

Microvascular bleeding (punctation) .

Thirsty, dreamy and uncomfortable stomach.

More thick snot.

Chronic Bronchitis
Thirsty, dizzy, difficult expectoration and want to vomit.

Bad Lung
Increased whitish yellow sputum.

Kidney Diseases
Face, hands and feet have slight edema.

Have bloody stool.

Bad Liver
Skin becomes itchy or has measles.

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