How to Use Similar Waki High Electric Potential Therapy Machine
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How to Use Similar Waki High Electric Potential Therapy Machine

Our Electric Potential Therapy Machine has 4 therapy methods: high potential therapy, intermediate-frequency potential therapy, negative potential therapy and local therapy. We'd like to offer you some suggestions for use of this machine as below: 


1-10 Days

11-20 Days

21-30 Days

After 30 Days

High Potential




Choose intelligent mode, or use high/middle/low voltage alternately every 2-3 days.

Negative Potential




Intermediate-frequency Potential

30 Mins/time


30 Mins/time

No more than 30 Mins/time

The electric field around human body built by the high electric potential therapy machine.
1) The default therapy time of the machine is 30 minutes. For the patients who use the machine for the first time, select the lowest voltage and shorten the therapy time, and then choose the suitable therapy time and voltage according to the actual situation. 
2) For the weak, choose the low voltage, shorten the therapy time and reduce therapy frequency, like 10 minutes each day. After one month, the voltage, time and frequency can be adjusted according to the actual situation. 

3) Patients suffering from severe heart diseases, hypertension and diabetes shall use the machine under the direction of professionals in early days. 

4) No more than 40 minutes each time for intermediate-frequency potential therapy. Due to the high vibration frequency, it is not suggested for the old and the weak to use the intermediate-frequency potential to avoid body energy consumption. 

5) No more than 60 minutes each time for the voltage higher than 7000V. 

6) Use 2 times each day (one time in the day and another time at night) to get better effects. After one month, in order to diminish the tolerability of human body to particular electric field, the voltage can be adjusted once every 2-3 days, namely alternative use of high voltage, middle voltage and low voltage; or just often use intelligent mode (limited to high potential therapy) with 5 seconds as an interval among high voltage, middle voltage and low voltage. 

7) The local therapy must be used together with high potential therapy, and the recommended voltage is 5000V. 1-2 times each day and 10 minutes each time for the local therapy. During the period of therapy, use the pen to touch, slide on or draw circles on the diseased sites with 0.5 seconds as an interval. Dip the pen in water for some sensitive patients who may have tingling sensation.

We mainly choose high potential to treat all kinds of diseases, but if high potential therapy doesn't make quick results, you could consider the following schemes:

negative potential therapy

intermediate-frequency potential therapy (in the day) +high potential therapy

intermediate-frequency potential therapy+negative potential therapy

High Blood Pressure: 
intermediate-frequency potential therapy+negative potential therapy or high potential therapy

intermediate-frequency potential therapy

Rheumatism or Rheumatoid:
intermediate-frequency potential therapy

Varicose Veins:
high potential therapy+intermediate-frequency potential therapy+local therapy pen

negative potential therapy

Stroke Sequela:
high potential therapy+negative potential therapy

Neural Paralysis or Facial Paralysis:
high potential therapy+local therapy pen

high potential herapy+local therapy pen

intermediate-frequency potential therapy+negative potential therapy

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