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Acupoints Meridians Muscles Stimulation Pain Relief Electric Acupuncture Pen

The Electric Acupuncture Pen outputs pulsed currents to stimulate acupoints to unblock Qi flow along meridians to relieve pain like acupuncture needles, relax muscles as a TENS unit and rejuvenate face skin as a beauty aid.
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Product Name: Electric Acupuncture Pen Instrument Classification: Home use electric acupuncture pen Certificate: CE & FDA Technology: Stimulate acupoints, meridians and muscles via pulsed currents Power Supply: USB cable+adaptor+lithium battery Application: Acupoints, meridians, muscles and face Function: Relieve pain, relax muscles and rejuvenate face skin Model Number: LY-508B

Product Overview:
►Background Information:

According to traditional Chinese medicine's theoretical system, there is an invisible force or energy in nature that the Chinese call Qi (pronounced as chee). In a manner similar to blood circulation, Qi flows to each cell via a complex network of pathways usually called "Channels" or "Meridians".

Once Qi gets stuck, an imbalance is caused as upstream cells are flooded with too much Qi but downstream cells receive too little. Acupoints are those spots where Qi has the greatest tendency to get stuck, so stimulating the acupoints helps to free the Qi and restore the normal circulation. When the circulation of Qi is restored, the cells eventually return to their normal & healthy state.

►Working Principle:

Different from traditional acupuncture therapy, our Electric Acupuncture Pen uses low-frequency pulsed currents instead of silver needles for acupuncture. According to the feature of low resistance of acupoints, the acupuncture pen can automatically locate the acupoints with the assistance of value, sound and light prompts.

As the Chinese saying goes, when your body feels pain, it means the balance in your body is disrupted. On the contrary, you will not feel any discomfort when your body's Qi is flowing smoothly through the meridians. The pulsed currents output by the Electric Acupuncture Pen can stimulate the located acupoint to unblock Qi flow along a meridian to relieve pain.


The Electric Acupuncture Pen can also be used as a TENS unit to relax muscles, loosen stiff muscles and prevent or recover the atrophy of immobilized muscles. Moreover, as a beauty aid, the Electric Acupuncture Pen can stimulate face muscles tending to sag with age as well as rejuvenate skin to reduce wrinkles.

Product Features:

Product Details:

Product Specifications:

Power Supply DC 3.7V Lithium Battery Sensitivity 1-10 Levels
Working Current ≤60mA Product Size 23*3.5*4.6cm
Charging Method USB Cable+
Product N.W. 100G
Pulse Mode Continuous Product G.W. 500G
Pulse Frequency 1-23Hz Package Box Size 26.5*10.5*4.5cm
Pulse Width 220μs Quantity/Carton 60PCS
Power Intensity 1-10 Levels Carton Size 61.5*50*57cm
Package Includes Electric Acupuncture Pen*1 
Big Ball-type Probe*1 Dome-type Probe*1
Small Ball-type Probe*1 Conductive Bar*1
USB Cable*1 USA Adaptor*1 English Manual*1
Nursing Gel*1 Plastic Package Box*1  

Usage Instructions:

Step 1: Before using the Electric Acupuncture Pen, please apply some gel to your skin. For the first time, please switch the "ON-OFF/Intensity" knob to level 4, rotate the "SEN" knob to level 2 and adjust the frequency to around 10Hz. The suggested pre-set values can be adjusted until you feel comfortable in the following steps.

Step 2: Hold the Electric Acupuncture Pen like holding a real pen. In order to form a loop between your body and the acupuncture pen, please keep your thumb touch "Metal Conductive Film 1" and keep the part between your thumb and index finger touch "Metal Conductive Film 2". 

Step 3: Move the acupuncture pen slowly on your skin with a little strength and keep the pen upright. While moving, the value in the display screen always changes and the green indicator flashes with sound prompt "beeps". The closer the acupuncture point is, the larger the value is and the quicker the indicator flashes with quicker beeps. 

Step 4: When the value in the screen grows rapidly and the green indicator flashes constantly with quicker beeps, it means that the acupuncture point has been detected. At this time, press downward the probe to your skin and then press the black "Pulse Button" for acupuncture. 

Operating Instructions:
Once or twice each day. 3-5 minutes for the same body part each time.
►In the process of detecting acupuncture points, don't press the "Pulse Button".
►When you use the acupuncture pen for another person, this person must hold the conductive bar to form a loop. If the pen is used for yourself, the bar is not required.
►In winter or when your skin is dry, please apply some gel or water before using the acupuncture pen. In summer or when your skin is wet, please reduce the sensitivity.
►To avoid allergy, please firstly apply some gel behind your ear and wait for 5-10 minutes. And then use the acupuncture pen in case of no redness or discomforts.
►Don't set the intensity too high. Too high intensity will result in continuous beeping while detecting points, otherwise the acupuncture points can't be detected. 
►After using acupuncture pen, switch the "ON-OFF/INS" knob to off state.
►When the Electric Acupuncture Pen is charging, the green indicator flashes. When the pen is fully charged, the green light goes off.

►The pregnant or menstruating women and the people in case of skin abnormalities or acute diseases like high fever can't use the Electric Acupuncture Pen. 
►The critically ill people with tumors or heart diseases can't use the acupuncture pen.
►The children or the people who is unable to speak or unconscious can't use the acupuncture pen.
►The people with implanted electric medical equipment like artificial heart-lung machine and pacemaker can't use the acupuncture pen.

Warm Tips:
Don't use the Electric Acupuncture Pen together with short-wave or micro-wave equipment or high-frequency surgical equipment. 
Don't use the Electric Aupuncture Pen in the places where there exists abnormal heating, high temperature, combustibles or electromagnetic radiation. 
►To avoid cross infection, please scrub the probes with alcohol before using.
►Clean the Electric Acupuncture Pen with wet, dripless and soft cloth. 

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